During The Covid-19 Crisis

I have decided to temporarily close my micro computer shop and self isolate as the federal and provincial government have requested. I do not know how long this situation will last but my doors will be open when I feel it's safe to do so.

During this time hardware computer repairs will be done by drop off at the store door.

Software issues can be resolved via remote control. If your using customized Ubuntu from SecureTech you already have the remote control application installed.

Minimum charge of $25

Hint: Try to compile multiple tasks for me while using remote control.

Following Quote Taken From The Internet:

There are rumours circulating that the internet could grind to a halt in the coming days. This is related to China and the USA blaming each other for the virus situation. Tensions are very high between these countries and massive digital attacks might happen across the globe which could bring the internet to a standstill. DDOS attacks ( Distributed Denial of Service - a term for when hackers take websites offline at will ) have happened for decades, even some of the biggest websites have been taken offline by a disgruntled hacker. If an angry teenager can take a website offline then imagine what a group of the world's most highly skilled hackers working for a government is capable of. So if our website or all channels are offline then you will know why. Actually saying all this, if our internet goes down then yours possibly will too! If you think this is nonsense, some countries are already without internet, either blaming over usage as everyone is stuck at home or to stem the flow of false information. You can Google "internet shutdown covid-19" for more on this.