Using Multi Profiles For Same Cutting Device

In this example we will use a vinyl cutter with a range of media to cut.

If you have a profile for your cutter already created select “clone loaded profile” from the drop down tools in the Tux Plot top tool bar.

You are prompted to name your new profile (use something in the profile name to identify this profile eg: thickVinyl). A copy of the profile is created and loaded. Edit your profile settings such as slower xy speed and more blade down pressure for thicker vinyl cutting, you may even have to use the repeat cut option to cut 2 or 3 passes to achieve a good cut depending on your media.

When this new thick media profile is loaded all the saved profile settings are loaded allowing for instant adjustments for that particular media. It's possible to have a dozen or more profiles for each cutter but the profile name is important to distinguish them easily.

In this example we will use a Roland engraver with a range of engraving media.

Our first profile created is for custom media that needs settings to be adjusted for each job. From this profile we select “clone loaded profile” as shown above. Now we want to create a profile for pet tags where the tags are all the same thickness and made of the same metal, shape of tag is only thing different.

I recommend using a template (rubber is good) to hold the tags in the EXACT same place for each job. Adjust your diamond engraver tip to the proper depth to the tag surface and adjust the “z depth to media surface” slider to that depth, set “z safe height” to 1mm, your “xy speed” can be set to a high speed when using a diamond. When all adjustments are set you can “save profile”.

Of course when doing engraving fills are normal so in your design app (Inkscape or Corel Draw for example) make sure to fill your text letters. Different fill colors allow for Tux Plot to apply a shimmer lettering effect.

Tux Plot can apply fill line spacing and shimmer effect with just a couple of mouse clicks!

Select your tool icon on the right vertical row of icons.

You can apply fill line spacing and shimmer effect to fills using Tux Plot buttons if needed.