Turn Off Unused Tux Plot Features

For example if using a vinyl cutter you will not need features like “spindle” and “z axis speed” turned on but may need “xy axis speed” and “blade pressure” turned on. In fact simple vinyl cutting usually does not need any features found at the bottom of the Tux Plot window so you can enable “simple view” for a more clean uncluttered window.

HINT: Always read the tool-tip pop ups as they are very helpful and make recommendations for enable/disable based on device in use!

Some vinyl cutters support “blade down pressure” and some will only use the setting on the cutter control panel, it varies with manufacturer.

Using an engraver uses some features that vinyl cutters do not use so you may want to turn on “z speed” z distance to media surface” “spindle speed” “z safe height” and for complex jobs the “color subsystem” may be needed. The unused vinyl cutter options like “blade/pen down force” “overcut” etc should be turned off.

When closing Tux Plot your loaded profile settings are auto saved by default. You can also manually save these settings in the right row of vertical icons near the top.

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