Tux Plot Installation

Step 1: Download the .tar file and right click to “extract”. Right click on install.sh and select open. Select run in terminal when prompted. Enter password when prompted. The install will notify you when it's finished.

Step 2: Reboot computer!

Step 3: Plug in your cutting device into computer and power up cutter.

Step 4: Open your “add printer” app system>administration>printing or as an alternative in Firefox you can type in “localhost:631” as your url and use the direct cups web interface.

Step 5: In the add printer window if your cutting device is in the list on the left select that device. If not follow the steps to add a printer manually selecting the port and be sure to always use “GENERIC” as your model and “RAW QUEUE” as driver selection.

If your device is serial or usb>serial you may have to look up in your device documentation settings for port eg: baud 9600 flow Xon/Xoff etc. See help web page “How To Install USB Device” for more help.

Step 6: Open Tux Plot and select your newly added cutting device from the drop down list of installed printers. The printer named TuxPlot-xxxx is NOT your device name. This is used as a printer destination for windows applications running under wine or a network shared printer. Anything printed to this sudo printer will deposit the cut job in your hot-folder to be processed as usual by Tux Plot.

Step 7: Select from the “Quick Presets” in Tux Plot an appropriate selection for your device. Then click “Save As Defaults”. At this time you can also fine tune any speeds or down force settings and then click “Save Machine Settings” for future recall, especially if multiple machines are used.

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